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News Flash!

Alien Being spotted at Unit 2 Studios!

Anna-Christina from Lilygun at Unit 2 Studios

The Making of Lilygun's Second Album

Adie Hardy and Belle Star mixing Lilygun's album Strength & Grace.

Adie Hardy and Belle Star mixing Lilygun's second album

Fan Artwork

Anna-Christina from Lilygun - artwork by Philip-Barnes

By Philip Barnes

David Ryder Prangley - What Goes Around Music Video

Director / Photographer David Ryder Prangley
©Photography by Adie Hardy
at Unit 2 Studios

Agent of Change Campaign

Agent of Change Campaign: write to your local MP and Government Ministers to protect music venues. Alarmingly, around 35% of music venues across the country have closed in the past decade. Music venues play a vital role in supporting the industry’s ecosystem and ensuring a healthy music industry. They also play a key role in nurturing the talent of tomorrow. Get involved here Agent of Change Campaign.

Women & Bass

Such an honor to be part of the Women & Bass community! They shared one of my photos taken from Lilygun's Inside music video. Please everyone go and support their page because women who play Bass are awesome! I always wanted to be a Bass player but I thought I wasn't cool enough and I talk waaaay too much to be cool lol! Thanks to David Ryder Prangley asking me to join his band Sister Witch on Bass, I find I have become one! Funny old world innit! ~ACx

Anna-Christina from Lilygun - Inside Music Video

Inside Music Video still by Adie Hardy
at Unit 2 Studios

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